Revival and Renewal

“In revival, Jesus is praised by those who have been saved from sin by his atoning work on the cross and triumph over death in the Resurrection” (A God-Sized Vision, Hansen and Woodbridge. p. 11).

My “Goodreads” Books –

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“John Wesley: A Biography” by Stephen Tomkins

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Thomas Kidd’s “The Great Awakening” – Summary by Michael Hodge

Charles Wesley Sermon – “On Singleness of Intention”
One of my presentations while studying at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary was a sermon from 1736 by Charles Wesley entitled, “On Singleness of Intention”. It really is a great sermon. Below I have attached an updated English version of the sermon. This is my own rendering from the Old World English that was used in the sermon. I hope this will be beneficial as you seek to have a “single eye” for serving the Lord.

Charles Wesley – “On Singleness of Intention” – Updated English version by Michael Hodge

Transatlantic Revivalism – by Richard Carwardine
This is an older resource that traces the connections between British and American evangelicalism.

Transatlantic Revivalism – Book Review and Presentation

“A Grief Observed” by C.S. Lewis

In preparation for a message on “God’s Answer for Life’s Losses” I checked out a book by C.S. Lewis entitled “A Grief Observed”. As I read this short book of just about 75 pages, I was both impressed and a bit taken back by the honesty that C.S. Lewis offers in the book. The reason that the book is so honest throughout is that this is compilation of Lewis’ own journaling through his days of grief. In fact, he never intended to publish this under his own name. He published it during his lifetime under a pseudonym (his children later published it under his own name).
But as you read these pages, you will find a man simply sharing the depth of loss. If you have not recently endured a loss, these words may appear as words from a man losing his faith. But if you have walked that road of loss, you will relate well with a man who is striving to make sense of a world fallen apart.
In the end, Lewis comes full circle in making sense of his understanding in loss. His faith is not lost. His belief in God is not undermined. Instead, what results is a man with a deeper understanding of God in the midst of grief.
For anyone walking through a time of deep grief, you need someone who can relate. You need to hear honest questions and honest answers. Lewis offers this through this work and I believe it will be a comfort to many just as it has been for over 50 years.

Spiritual Awakening & Revival (source:

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