Bible Reading Plans on the Web

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Bible Study Links on the Web

Grace to You
The preaching ministry of John MacArthur.  Valuable study resources also.

The Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
Great resources for learning how to defend the faith.
Answers in Genesis
Ministry of Ken Ham and others geared toward presenting evidence for a young earth and literal interpretation of the Genesis account.
Have a question about Christianity or Bible related issues?  This site will likely have the answer.


“The Measure of Love, 2nd Edition”
by Michael R. Hodge

The Measure of Love is a weekly devotional on the Ten Commandments with five daily devotions per week. Each devotion features a Scripture passage, thought to consider, and insights on that particular passage for the day.

Available on:

“Empowered Kingdom Living”
A Study Guide for the Sermon on the Mount

by Michael R. Hodge

Available on:
Lulu Publishing – Click HERE to view the book.