LifeLight - Series Graphic“LifeLight” is a daily Bible study series that I began writing in early 2013. The first offering of this project was at our church (Berea First Baptist Church) and began in January 2014. Together with our Pastor, Chad Rickenbaker, we began the journey of studying the Gospel of John together. The weekly messages can be found at the LifeLight Study Website. Participants in the “LifeLight” series have the opportunity to watch a video devotional each morning and then spend time reading the companion book shown to the left.

There is information about ordering the workbook at the LifeLight site. You do not need to attend our weekly sessions at BFBC to participate. Everything that you will need to begin your own journey through the Gospel of John is available there on the site.

My prayer is that God will use this resource to draw people to Him and to His Word!