I was reading a July 2014 article at the website of “The Gospel Coalition”. I’d encourage you to check out their website [thegospelcoaltion.org]. In this particular article entitled, “In Praise of the Quiet Time”, it stated that “while 56 percent of Americans believe the Bible to be “the actual or inspired word of God,” only 37 percent read it at least once a week.”

Now obviously I don’t have to add any commentary on those numbers to help you see how those are not very encouraging. They speak for themselves and it sets up perfectly what I’m attempting here. You see, if those numbers are accurate – we are just not engaging God’s Word on a regular basis.

Let me ask you – “Are you busy?” I imagine you are! We are going in 10 different directions before the lunch hour hits, and taking in God’s Word just isn’t on the radar. But when I talk to people, I hear a desire to go deeper than that. I really do think people want to go deeper in their walk with God – – but far too many have no idea where to start.

Well that’s where this podcast falls. I know there are lots of resources out there – I’m not trying to replace all of those. Where this podcast falls is in the area of encouraging consistency and providing some simple/basic tools for personal discipleship.

Check out episode ONE right here – – – – – thank you for being willing to join me as I get started with this opportunity for discipleship.