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Praying the Psalms: Blog Series

In early 2014, I created this blog series as an invitation to prayer. This invitation to prayer was set during the summer months when ministry is often busy but not as predictable as the rest of the year. In our church, our weekly discipleship programs cease due to the big events for children, youth, and mission trips. Still, there is a great need for continuity in our walk with Christ. With that reality in mind, I set out to write this prayer blog series as an accountability for my own prayer life and for yours as well. I certainly need that accountability and consistency and I pray that revisiting this blog series will accomplish the same for you.

Here is the basic format of the blog series – read a Psalm from the Bible and write a simple prayer in response. When I first sat down to begin blogging, it was after a long break from doing so. I thought this was a great place to start again. In the months prior to writing this, I had been busy writing a series through the Gospel of John. Now I have just wrapped up the writing of Revolutionary Discipleship. So as I sought out a new outlet for writing, I returned to this material. I want to use these entries as an encouragement to you as I reflected on the Psalms. Please know that these were never intended to be commentaries/studies on the Psalms. Instead, it was designed as a reflection on how each Psalm impacted/intersected my life for the day. So join me once again as I offer these prayers to our Heavenly Father.

In addition to the psalm and reflections, each day also features a worship song. Hopefully all of the video links will still be active even though this series is over a year old. I have inserted the links and the names of the songs in the event that the embedded video no longer works. My intent with inserting the worship videos was to make this a prayerful and worship-filled time for you. I hope the worship songs will help the verses to remain with you throughout the day.

You can subscribe to these posts by following the blog – in the right column. I look forward to sharing with you the prayers reflecting on the Psalms.