Traces of Judas

Written by Michael R. Hodge – September 19, 2014
Inspired by the study of John 18 and the reality that we all have a sin nature that is prone to lead us to betray Christ with our actions. Though we may not go to the length of Judas, our actions that are not glorying to Christ are traces of Judas in each of us.

The story so familiar, the roles of the characters known
The story of my Savior taking my sin as if it were His own.
Countless miles He walked, countless stories as He talked
sharing the promise of life and hope, my redemption bought.

There are stars in the story, people we talk of all the time.
They turned out to be great leaders, laying their lives on the line.
I want to be like Peter, bold and quick to follow Jesus at His call.
I want to be like James and John, sitting right there with all they saw.

But there’s the trace of another that shows up too often in me.
There’s the trace of a disciple who isn’t all too popular in this story.
It’s the trace of betrayal, of self, and of not being loyal to this great Friend.
It’s the trace of not sticking with Him, regardless of how my story ends.

I want the trace of resolve, commitment, and love that goes deeper than the sea.
God, help my times of unbelief so that there is nothing but deep faith in me.
When I’m standing on the mountaintop and ready to praise Your name,
Remind me of that same joy even though I find myself in the midst of pain.

There is a trace of Judas that I long to shed in this journey of walking with You.
There is a trace of me that still remains even as I am being made new.
So as I walk this journey of knowing You, I ask you to remove this trace.
This trace of Judas is passing away because of your life-changing grace.