I was reading this evening in “Building Below the Waterline” by Gordon MacDonald as a part of my prep for the upcoming Uganda trip. In the book, I ran across a quote that I thought others might benefit from knowing. It’s a quote by Charles de Foucald (1858-1916). He was a Catholic priest and used this simple phrase to guide his ministry – “Present to God…present to people.” Though it was a ministry statement – it’s really a statement that applies well to any Christ-follower. Here’s what he meant by the statement. The first and most important thing in our lives is being “present to God”. We have to spend time with Him – that’s priority number one for us! HEN_BuildingBelowWaterline_mck2.inddThen, as we move out of those times with God, we live that out among people. We are “present to people”. We are not called to live in seclusion/isolation. We are called to live out the impact of our times with God as we are “present to people”. As one author stated, “Present to People means that I listen carefully, respond generously, and love unconditionally, with the compassion of Jesus – – even when it might be inconvenient and difficult.” It’s a great reminder for all of us as we begin this day – one that I definitely need daily. Let’s begin by being “present to God” and then let’s allow Him to shine through us as we are “present to people”.