“When his situation around him tested him, Daniel resolved to walk by faith until the storm passed.”

That’s a quote from the message I preached yesterday here at Enoree Baptist Church. It was a thought that really impacted me as I studied Daniel chapter 2. In that chapter, Daniel was among the wise men sentenced to death because of King Nebuchadnezzar’s anger over the inability of anyone to interpret his dream. But as that order went out, Daniel shared with the king that he would be able to interpret the dream. But what’s amazing is that God had not yet given Daniel that answer. Daniel was walking by faith! And so in the midst of a death threat and impending doom, Daniel chose to walk by faith until the storm passed. He didn’t offer promises to God to do better, act better, follow better if God would just get him through the storm. Instead, he chose to walk by faith in the midst of the storm BELIEVING that God was with him through it all.

In so many chapters of our lives, we need that incredible example by Daniel. When we are tempted to voice our frustration to God because a situation did not go as we imagined, we need to do just as Daniel did and walk by faith until the storm passed.

Many in our congregation shared the impact of that example. As they shared those words of encouragement and reflection, I was quick to share with them that I had to preach that thought to myself before I could ever deliver it to a congregation!

Let’s walk by faith…even if it’s while we await the storm’s passing.

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