On Sunday morning, we are going to be kicking off a new series entitled “Answers: God’s Answers to Life’s Questions”. It’s a series focused on discovering how God’s Word truly does speak to life’s greatest questions and challenges. Because this is going to be a series that seeks to dive into the tough questions of life, we are beginning with as tough an issue as any – addiction. We are going to be looking at what God’s Word offers to those who are struggling with addictions of any type. God does indeed have an answer to this question.

Well as I study and prepare, I often come across great resources and I wish I could share ALL of the information. The video below is one of those examples. In our 2nd point on Sunday, I am going to share about how we are to be progressing in sanctification. It’s an active call for every believer. While God has redeemed us and brought us into positional holiness, the call of Scripture is that we then take up the fight for progressive holiness. Well that’s what Kevin DeYoung is going to be talking about on the video below. You’ll hear some of these points on Sunday morning, but for those wanting more I invite you to watch this video below.