In one of our Wednesday evening discipleship classes, I have been walking through a new resource entitled “Vertical Church”. It’s a new book by James MacDonald. Well each week we have really just grabbed a snippet of the info and focused in on that for our session. This week the topic was “Omnipresence vs. Manifest Presence”. In his book, James MacDonald contrasts these two revelations of God’s presence. The first is general – the second is specific. The first is always true – the second occurs only when our hearts are right with God or God desires to change a heart towards Him.

As we studied this evening, it is fascinating how this understanding of the presence of God changes our approach to worship. When we understand God’s presence as simply His omnipresence – we come presuming upon His presence. When we understand His manifest presence (as God revealed Himself to Moses, to Saul, to the NT Church, to John), we come with hearts longing for and preparing for that reality. In other words, it radically alters our anticipation of and preparation for worship.

I appreciate all of our adults each week who are faithful in our discipleship classes at Enoree. Joining together around God’s Word is always one of the most uplifting and encouraging things you can experience.

Here’s a sample of Chapter 2 –