This is an excerpt from a blog post by Mark Driscoll. Here is the link for the entire post if you would like to read more. What stood out to me was the point that we need to know what God has called us to and to pursue that with a passion. What will take us away from that passion is when we allow others to dictate our busy days. That is so easy to do in ministry and life in general. But it’s when we KNOW God’s call on our lives and we choose each day to live and work according to that call that we’ll end the day confidently knowing we are fulfilling God’s plan for us!
Blog by Mark Driscoll – Sept. 7, 2012

Pursue your calling, not your potential.

Another important lesson we learn from Jesus is this: pursue your calling, not your potential.

After completing a time of rest and recovery, Jesus was approached by a throng of people with a massive to-do list. They had so much work in mind for him it would have kept him from leaving their town (Luke 4:42). Jesus denied their requests, not because their needs were bad or not important, but because they were not the things that Jesus was called to do by the Father (Luke 4:43).

Jesus was called to preach the good news of the kingdom of God in various towns. He’s not against healing, exorcisms, prayer, but against setting up shop in one particular location. Jesus pursued his calling to travel and preach.

If you don’t know what your calling is, you need to get with God and the Bible. Who do you identify with in the Bible? This will help indicate some of your skills. What are our passions? What are your interests? What are you good at? How has God worked through you before? Where do you see needs? These are just a few questions you can ask in discerning your call.