Go over to Amazon.com and search the author Max Lucado and you’ll quickly discover page after page of books and resources written by Max Lucado. In the Christian book industry, he’s been a common name on a pretty regular basis when it comes to new releases. Well in keeping with that wealth of materials, he has just released his newest book entitled simply “Grace”. I set out to get it because it ties in well with the series I’m currently preaching through. So as I contemplated Paul’s proclamation that God’s grace was sufficient for him through his trials, I wanted to see how Max would approach this topic.

I expected smooth lines, well-crafted stories, and a poetic flow. I expected bite-sized chapters and devotional thoughts. But I didn’t expect to be emotionally stirred by it! I guess you could say that I arrived with an academic mindset and yet this one cuts to the heart!

In chapter after chapter, you are going to forget what those plans were that had been at the top of your day’s list. Instead, you’ll probably finding yourself saying, “Just one more chapter”. That’s what I did…and I just finished the book! If we are supposed to be captivated by this idea of grace, Lucado has done a great job in conveying that to his audience.

Reading through the book, as you make it to chapter 8, you will be cheering alongside Max Lucado as he defines grace triumphantly in these words, “Grace is simply another word for God’s tumbling, rumbling reservoir of strength and protection. It comes at us not occasionally or miserly but constantly and aggressively, wave upon wave” (p. 99).

As you begin chapter 9, you’ll probably find yourself in tears as I did (I won’t spoil the story) as Max once again craftily weaves a story of the grace of God through, of all things, a wedding dress.

In chapter 10, you’ll find hope in the fact that God’s grace extends to you an adoption invitation! You’ll take a step further in understanding grace as you grasp this idea that God chose us even though He knew our entire story! He didn’t buy the lemon car with all of the surprises down the road. No, he offers us salvation even while we are still sinners (Rom. 5:8). Lucado warms our hearts as he reminds us that we are adopted.

Well I won’t walk through the whole book for you. That kind of steals the fun out of reading it. Instead, let me encourage to go and get this one. Wait around a while and it’ll probably be half-price soon. Most of these new releases quickly become the promotional book to get you in the store. Still, if you decide to go ahead and pay the retail price…I think you will still be convinced that this one was worth it. This one is going to lift your heart and your smile!