On most days I check a few “deal-of-the-day” sites to see what hot item is being offered at a ridiculously low price. I love finding a deal! I hesitate to mention the sites because that’s kind of counter-productive to the point I’m going to try to make here!! But as I was thinking about that habit, I realized that I’m going to a site to find out what I’m supposed to want. So in essence, I’m trying to discover my wants and I’m letting a store dictate that for me!

Now stores and online shopping sites would love it if everyone began their day saying, “Hmm…I wonder what Walmart, Target, JCPenney hopes that I want today?” And the reality is, they do set out with this goal. In fact, they work hard to offer their products in a way that is flashy enough and discounted enough so that customers will pull the trigger on buying it even though they didn’t even want it an hour ago! Here’s the point – they’re helping me to discover my wants!

But let’s consider another perspective – what about my needs? And not just any needs – what about my spiritual needs? You see, I have to realize that as quick as I may be willing and open to a store helping me to discover my wants…am I just as quick to allow God to expose my true needs? Am I just as willing for God to open my eyes to what’s so much deeper than my wants in order to help me see my needs?”

Okay, so God probably is not going to awaken you in the morning with a 30 second sound-byte to rouse you out of bed and get you pumped about beginning the day with His Word and in prayer. He probably won’t be stirring an infomercial through your brain tomorrow offering you a “but wait…open the Word now and you’ll receive three extra inspirations for your day”! Instead, He just invites us to realize that “he has put eternity in our hearts” (Eccl. 3:11). He invites us to experience wisdom for the day through His Word (James 1:5). And as we are willing to listen to that invitation, we’ll begin to realize that God is much more interested in our needs than our wants. He longs to show us the wisdom of living according to His plan and not our own!

So maybe we’re so busy discovering our wants that we’ve missed something – our needs! Maybe we’ve missed the need that we all have – knowing, loving, serving our Creator and Savior in a new way each and every day. He put eternity in our hearts so that this world would leave us unfulfilled and empty.

Yes, I’ll probably still be looking for a new deal in the morning…but as I consider this challenge for myself…I’ll also begin the day in His Word and in prayer asking for His wisdom to guide me throughout the day. That’s a need we all have!