As I have been studying and reading from a new resource entitled “Vertical Church”, I have been listening to and getting insights from lots of places. And one video clip (it’s a very short snippet of a message) that I watched today challenges the church to do just what “Vertical Church” is going to be presenting – that we would turn our eyes/passions off of this world and onto God’s agenda. Take 2 minutes and watch this video…

What’s amazing to me were the comments that followed this video. This is a clear and biblical message – that we would not form a God according to our own image and desires. Instead, the call of Scripture is that we worship the God of the Bible! And when our lives are not in agreement with the God of the Bible…we need to change…not God. But still, there are those that hear David Platt’s message and they say he is simply promoting poverty and demonizing affluence and wealth. That was the general response by many making comments. They see a big church and big sanctuary and they condemn. But his church, “The Church at Brook Hills”, is one of the most outwardly focused churches around. And that’s the key – that while we are certainly going to keep right on working hard and seeking to provide for our families – we are consumed by a much greater passion still! We long to live for a greater purpose – that of living a life of holiness that glorifies God and sets an example for our family/friends/church to follow.

A “Vertical Church” sets out with one (and only one) objective – that God would be glorified. So I don’t get to fashion God according to my comforts/preferences/rituals. Instead, I come asking Him to fashion ME…to shape ME…and to change ME!

This is not a new message – but it may very well be a neglected message. And I’m looking forward to discovering how God wants to use this message to shape us today!

Note: The “Vertical Church” study will begin next Wednesday, Aug 29 in Building B for our adults.