While we all like to think we are original with every idea we share, the truth is that we learn a lot and glean a lot from one another. I get lots of great ideas from my pastor friends! And I think that’s how God designed us – to lean on and learn from each other. Well as pastors, we often try to do this thing called “ministry” all by ourselves. But the great gift is that there are lots of other pastors out there to learn from and glean insights from.

Well in the same way that this is true for pastors, it’s also true for any believer. And one of the times when we need that kind of interaction/relationship with others is when we sense we are fading away from the Lord. You see, if we can’t be there for one another when our faith is growing cold, then we have failed to carry the burdens of one another (Galatians 6:2). And that’s an assignment that God has definitely called us to!

Well anyway, as I was reading and gleaning from other pastors today, I ran across this article that encourages you to open your eyes when you are drifting away from the Lord. It’s an article that speaks to all of us inside and outside of the church. So maybe you don’t have a friend that’s bold enough to speak into your life right now to help you see that you’re drifting. In that case, maybe this article can help!


Don’t keep drifting and ignore the signs that are all around you – especially that friend or family member that’s praying for you.