Last Wednesday we began our first week of homeschooling with our two kids. Amanda has been wanting to do this for a while and we have finally taken the leap. We a bit biased toward our kids – but we’ve got some great kids and we knew that they would take this news well…and they did. We told them while we were on vacation (actually while we were in the Ocean Lakes pool shoulder to shoulder with the other 200+ people in the pool). The kids couldn’t wait to get started!

So we have completed three days of school now and the kids have enjoyed it…but also have had to realize that it won’t be easy! One thing that Amanda commented on this week was the ability to go back and review as the kids have needed it. So she’s spent a good time this week going back and reviewing things that the kids have struggled with. We have that freedom to take time where they need it!

But the biggest honor and privilege that I’ve had this week has been teaching them their Bible class. We are using a curriculum by Apologia. It is an apologetics/basic beliefs curriculum. I’m using that three days a week and doing a Bible overview class on the other two days. So on Thursday we worked on beginning to memorize the Books of the Bible (even I need to review that!). So three days down…and we haven’t had any kids in detention or even in the principal’s office!! Not bad.

Pray for us as we continue this journey!