Are you a forward thinker or always looking at what’s behind? I love being around folks that are always looking ahead at what the next opportunity might be. They are always the optimist about what could be done. And while that sounds like a great approach to life, it can also lead you into repeated struggles. You see, we learn from the past too! So while I want to be a forward thinker, I also want to make sure I learn from the lessons of the past.

This “looking forward, looking backward” theme has been something I’ve shared here on the blog. It also was the title for yesterday’s message from 2 Corinthians 5 and 6. There Paul spoke to his identity in Christ as a “New Creation”. So as Paul looked backward, he discovered who he was. But then in chapter 6, Paul urged his audience to look forward in a lifestyle of holiness. As he called on them to be ambassadors, they had to look forward each day to how they could live out that invitation.

So as believers, we look backward and see what Christ has accomplished for each of us. But then we look forward to discover who He has called us to be. Knowing that assignment, we realize that each action and decision impacts our preparation for that assignment.

Paul’s message to us really impacts our everyday lives. We don’t live defeated from past failures. God offers forgiveness as we repent and then He calls us to get back on track as His ambassadors. So while I may have missed the mark yesterday, today is a new opportunity to align my life with His will and purpose. I look backward and see my failures…but I also look backward and discover that if I am “in Christ”…I am a “new creation”. The old has gone and the new has come. So today is my chance to ask God to show me what NEW can come into my life today as I seek to follow Him in obedience.

I hope you enjoy watching this week’s message – “Looking Backward, Looking Forward”.

The second portion of this two part message was brought in our evening worship service. Unfortunately, this service is not recorded and so I will not be able to provide part two of this message on the website.