In the morning we will be walking through chapter 4 of 2 Corinthians. I have really enjoyed studying and working through this book. One of the men that I really respect as a teacher/writer is John MacArthur. He stated that he is glad he waited until his later years of ministry to tackle this book because of its great complexity. Well I guess I skipped that advice. We’re well into our study now and there’s no turning back at this point…so let’s just see what we can learn.

Tomorrow we’ll look at several key verses in chapter 4 (vs. 1-6) and there I believe we see several great discoveries that Paul wanted the believers at Corinth to grasp:

  1. That they could have hope when all else seemed hopeless.
  2. That they had good news worth sharing. They no longer needed to search.
  3. They had the light of God in the midst of a dark culture.
  4. They had discovered a new purpose as servants of God.

Those truths applied well in the culture of Corinth, but they apply well in our culture also. We live in a hopeless culture and yet we have the hope of Christ. We read nothing but bad news in the newspaper when we have the greatest news ever shared. We frown at the choices and darkness of our culture rather than serve as salt and light. And finally, we question whether or now we’re good at anything when God has called us to a great purpose of serving Him! So there’s a lot to be discovered in just the first 6 verses of chapter 4.

Throughout this series, I have referred to the series title of “Life Matters Matter to God”. By that I simply mean that our everyday lives matter to God. Our choices, our actions, our habits…they all matter to him. And as we will see on Sunday evening, we are all jars of clay (earthen vessels with flaws and all) and yet God chooses to use us still. What an awesome Savior! I pray that God will use these messages to open our eyes and hearts to the hope, good news, light, and purpose made available for each of us.