This week we have enjoyed a week away at Ocean Lakes in Myrtle Beach. This is a place that I grew up enjoying. My father’s parents owned a place there for most of my childhood and we spent a week there every summer. We rode down some of the older sections of Ocean Lakes yesterday and I told Amanda that there is just a nostalgia about some of the older sections that takes me back to those vacation days! Now the role of making vacation time fun is on my shoulders – I’ll work hard at that!

We decided that vacation this year wouldn’t be lots of rides and events – vacation was just going to be the beach and Ocean Lakes itself. So we didn’t do any big events or attractions this year…but we did enjoy the beach a lot. We went out around 10am to the beach each day so far and we wind down around 2. Then it’s off to the pool for an hour or so and then we’re well water logged! The kids loved it and I think we made the most of every day!

This was our first full trip in the popup camper. We went in October for about 3-4 days, but this was the first full week in the camper. All has gone well. It’s rained several days, but only one day was a washout! Since it’s about 10 years old, I hoped for no leaks!! During the night it sounded like the thunder and rain were going to come right in on us! But we stayed dry – so that’s a real plus!

Though we’ve been cramped together in this camper, it’s really been a great time together. Tomorrow we’ll pack it all up and begin the trek home. Messages and graphics to work on for Sunday morning!