Well this week I was able to sit down with Richard Blackaby for my ongoing Doctor of Ministry project. Knowing the importance of the outcome of that meeting, I spent a lot of time praying for God’s guidance all the way up to the moment we met. As we met, the conversation was relaxed and interactive…but the important question was his willingness to partner with me in my research and writing on his father’s impact on revival. The work was going to be heavily biographical with a focused attention on his impact on genuine discipleship based revival. What I had prayed for was a clear indication of the direction of this project going forward. I received that clear indication. My project is now going in a totally different direction. Without going into all of the details, I am fortunate to still be very early on in my writing and research and so to hit a wall at this point is not all that bad. So as our family heads off for vacation in the morning, my thoughts will be on relaxing…but also on a new direction with my research.

Already I have discussed a proposal with my mentors in the program and have received the green light to begin narrowing the topic. So that’s good that they immediately recognized a potential project. My research is now turning to the teaching and pursuit of holiness as a central component of genuine revival. From the Puritans to Edwards, holiness was always a central component of their teachings and that led to genuine revival. So I want to look into this more and to discover how biblical holiness will always lead us to a restoration of a God-centered relationship and lifestyle.

Pray for me as I now turn in a new direction. I prayed for a clear indication and that’s what God has given and so I am receiving this as a blessing to pursue what He had in store for me!