I recently discovered a Christian publisher that wants honest reviews – – and will send you a free book to get your insights. So now I am part of that program. It’s great for me because now I am getting free books, I get to read some new material, but then it helps them to get an honest review out for their book.

Well the book I’m reading now is on how you can have an intimate relationship with God in your daily quiet times. I’ll post the full review later on. But one of the statements made by the author is that our devotional lives ought to be simple because God is simple. Now that idea jumped out at me and caused me to question his statement! Sure the love, forgiveness, and grace of God is simple enough for even a child to understand…but I certainly would challenge the idea that God is simple. And the reason that I suggest that is because on our journey of faith we will spend the rest of our lives learning about God’s endless attributes. For example, my thoughts go to one of the early activities in the “Experiencing God” material where you consider the many names of God – and you discuss why God has revealed Himself in those names at different times in your life. As I have done that activity with groups, it’s amazing to me how God has shown Himself in so many different ways to so many different people. As you consider that God is known by so many names*, we realize that God is far from simple. That’s why we come to Him each day…seeking to know and love Him more.

I look forward to diving into the rest of the book and I’ll share more (as well as the title) as I complete the book. But that opening thought stirred me to consider my view of God! Maybe it will challenge as well – that we serve anything BUT a simple God!


*Savior, Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords, Light, Holy One, The True Vine, Wonderful Counselor, The Gate, The Good Shepherd, The Potter, Alpha and Omega, Bread of Life, Banner, Rock, Maker, Healer, Advocate, Strong Tower…as you can see from just a few examples, there are lots of names for God in His Word!