Many years ago…you may remember the chore of unfolding the map in the car as you tried to determine where you were and where you were headed! I kind of feel like that in my school work right now. I’m in the very early stages…and I am just trying to unfold the map at this point. Tonight I worked (yes…after a day of two sermons) through about 15 chapters of Experiencing God…writing small one paragraph summaries that will help me to quickly get a bearing on key points in the book as I begin writing. While it’s a book that I have taught several times…it covers so much that I have been reviewing it for the past 2 weeks. Those kinds of tasks can be tedious but it pays off when you begin pulling your thoughts together.
My hope is to get quick summaries like this written out for most of the major works, and then begin weaving those insights into an outline that will begin shaping the paper on Henry Blackaby.
The wonderful part of this process is that God has been faithful in using what I have been reading to immediately apply to my ministry. For example, on page 290 of the trade book version of “Experiencing God” Henry Blackaby shares about a time when a young girl came forward for prayer over a lost friend. That evening the friend came and trusted in Christ. The pastor was presenting the girl to the congregation when Henry Blackaby requested that the girl’s story be told – that she had been prayed for that very morning. Blackaby shared that the people needed to experience how God had been at work. Well as I read that last week, I realized that our people needed to hear how God had been at work in the lives of 3 children we baptized on Sunday. So I invited the parents to share a brief testimony and prayer over their child. It was a great moment!
So that’s just one example of how God is using this reading and research to stretch my own ministry in the process.
So pray that I will continue unfolding the map over the next few weeks and soon begin charting my journey towards a working plan.