Tomorrow morning we will be wrapping up our first residency! It’s been great but I am definitely ready to be back home. Today we had a great trip to Savannah once again. Our trip today was for the purpose of touring First African Baptist Church. This church was established in the 1800s and is the oldest African Baptist congregation in the country. The church was even used as a stop on the Underground Railroad – complete with tunnels and a hideout below the Sanctuary floor. Here is the link to the church where you can read the history and see photos of the church.

I was really impressed with the tour and the story behind the church. It’s one of those stops on a city tour that you would likely pass by without thinking much of it. The building is not fancy, the signage is not clear, but we all really enjoyed it.

After we finished at the church with the tour, we were all in the park enjoying lunch when some of the church members started gathering in the park. The pastor then came out, and we learned that they gather every single day there in the park around lunch time for a very brief prayer and praise time. They were reading through Acts and saw how the church gathered daily and God added to them daily, and they chose to obey that completely. One student from up north said, “It is certainly a lot easier to do that in a warm climate!” Yeah, I imagine that would be rather tough to pull off in Michigan!

Well tomorrow around lunch I’ll finish up and be heading towards home with my brain full to capacity with lots of great info. I know it will now take several weeks just to unpack all that I’ve learned and observed!