Over the past few days I have been reviewing the classic material Experiencing God. It’s a resource that God has used in my life many times to stretch me and grow my walk with Christ. Well this weekend I have been reading that material again since this is going to be the key component in my research. Anyway, as I was reading today, Henry Blackaby offers suggestions regarding Bible Study and I thought these were worth sharing.

Maybe these will encourage you in your own study of God’s Word.

1. As you read God’s Word, write down the specific verse or verses in a notebook.

2. Meditate on these passages.

3. Study the passage to immerse yourself in its meaning. What is God revealing about Himself?

4. Identify the adjustments that you need to make in your life, family, church, and work life in response to God’s revelation.

5. Write a prayer of response to God.

6. Begin immediately to make the necessary adjustments in your life to God.

7. Watch to see how God uses that truth in your life during the coming days.

8. Take action! Obey what God told you to do. Enjoy a fresh experience as He works in and through you!

Source: Henry & Richard Blackaby, Claude King, “Experiencing God”. P. 168 in Trade Book