The first week has wrapped up and it’s really been much more than I could have expected. I know we all need those times of refreshing when we get a break from the norm and the routine…and this has certainly been that. Yesterday we worshiped in the chapel at the Bethesda Academy. That has been an orphanage, a boy’s home, and now it’s a boy’s school. It was established by George Whitefield in 1740 to care for all of the orphans in the areas around Savannah. George Whitefield was a powerful evangelist and preacher, but he also had a heart for children. So while we were there, one of our team members did like I did with the Charles Wesley sermon, and he preached there on the site just as Whitefield would have.

While we were in the chapel on the grounds, we all sang together. As soon as everyone started (which is a group of just about 16 folks), I quickly grabbed my phone and started recording it. The echoing acoustics of the room and the harmonies some of the guys were pulling off were pretty amazing. Of course the recording doesn’t fully capture the incredible sound there in the room…but at least you’ll get a hint as to how it sounded!

On a side note…as we were entering into the Bethesda Academy…one of our comedians looked at the entrance and read, “Bethesda Orphanage – Founded 1740” and said, “Oh…I didn’t know it was losted.”

Well we’ve got the weekend off now. I think most everyone is walking around with their brains like Jell-o!

Bethesda Chapel Audio File
This is a very rough recording of our group during an impromptu singing time. The quality is obviously not great, but I certainly wanted to capture us there in the chapel!