Well I have arrived in St. Simons Island, Georgia for the start of classes. Tomorrow we will meet together as students/teachers and then classes will begin full throttle on Monday! My son asked me, “Daddy, do you want to be in school?” That’s a foreign thought to them! They can’t understand why I would CHOOSE to do this!!

Today I just rode around a little on the island and nearby town. I went down to the inland waterway right here at the retreat center and the gnats tried to pick me up and throw me in the water!! I realized very quickly why no one else was out there. They were swarming. I guess that’s pretty normal for a swampy/marshy area.

I appreciate so many of you that have promised to pray for my first classes. It’s been a lot of work to get even to this point. I have all of the books laid out to review on the bed beside me and they cover HALF of the bed!! Unfortunately, I feel like they don’t take up half of my brain quite yet. Maybe with a little review each night they’ll start coming back to me. The good thing is…each day we’ll spend about an hour and a half discussing the books. So that will help to cement some of the themes into my brain a little more.

Just a little while ago I was reviewing the first book we’ll discuss – “Revive us Again” by Walter Kaiser. It’s a book covering the major revivals of the Bible. I was reminded once again that revival isn’t a work of man…it’s a work of God. So while we can do any number of things to prepare us for revival, ultimately it’s God who chooses the timing of revival. So that’s why I’m on this journey…to see how we can be prepared for when God chooses to reveal Himself in a new way!

I’ll be posting throughout the next couple of weeks, so check back often!