This past Tuesday a group of volunteers from our church went to North Greenville University to meet with Dr. Ken Hemphill. This meeting was a follow-up to an assessment that we did through our association. Following the assessment, I met with our Director of Missions and we both agreed that we needed a bigger process to make the most of the assessment. Rather than just look at a lot of percentages and numbers, he and I agreed that we would best be served to sit down with Dr. Hemphill to talk about how our church (along with 4 others in our association) could truly be all that God has in store for us as a church. So the partnership with NGU was established.

Our group of 6 volunteers attended an introductory session in the new Church Planting and Revitalization Center at NGU where Hemphill introduced his resource entitled “Empowering Kingdom Growth”. This is not a new resource. It first came out about 10 years ago, but it’s been a theme and tool used by South Carolina Baptists for years (the emphasis started in our state).

Today our catalyst group will meet together for the first of our 40 days through Empowering Kingdom Growth. Once our group has walked through the study, we will then discuss how this material/emphasis would benefit our church. My prayer is that this group will truly be a catalyst for a good work in the life of our church.