Tomorrow morning and evening (March 14) I will be teaching the second session in our “Rebuilding Faith” series. This is a study of the life and ministry of Nehemiah. The series is based upon the letters in REBUILD – Recognize, Examine, Believe, Unite, Identify, Lead, Defend. All of these are steps leading to how we can be renewed in our faith. Nehemiah is a great book to use for talking about revival because he begins at brokenness and walks through the journey of rebuilding and the standing in security. It’s the journey that we need in faith on a daily basis.

I am uploading these resources in a “Leader Guide” format on a weekly basis. If you can use this series in your own church or personal Bible study, you’re welcome to it! The goal is to have the complete series available online as we move through it in our own church. You’ll then be able to adapt the material for your own small group setting. The Leader Guides can be found at