Tonight we looked at the third session in our “GodQuest” series at our church (Enoree Baptist Church) and the focus of the material was the authority of the Bible. In this session, Sean McDowell discussed why we can trust the Bible as reliable and authoritative with this statement: “What you believe about the Bible determines how you live your life”. One of the key arguments that Sean used was the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. That discovery moved the age of our closest manuscripts to the 2nd century – a huge discovery.

I shared in our evening worship that I had the privilege of seeing the Dead Sea Scrolls in Charlotte, NC a number of years ago. Our church at that time planned a trip and we went to a museum there in Charlotte to see the scrolls. It was an impressive sight, to know that you were looking at manuscripts that were so old!

But the real question goes to this – what am I going to do with the fact that God’s Word is authoritative and accurate? For myself, it means I seek to teach God’s Word on a weekly basis. While I use lots of resources, all of the discipleship messages/sermons that I bring start with walking through God’s Word. I start with a text and then let that tell me what the topic is. For our current series in Nehemiah, I began by reading through the text and then developed the “REBUILD” series.

For 7 months we have been going chronologically through the Bible. As a pastor, this has been an incredible journey because we can talk about how God’s Word is a cohesive unit with a consistent message. 40 authors in 66 books and yet a central message! And as pastor using the Bible as my key tool in ministry, while I want my messages to maintain the attention level of everyone who hears me speak, my greatest desire is to be faithful to the Bible and to present what I know to be truth.

The feedback has been good on this series. I hope that it equips our folks to know what they believe and why they believe it!