On Sunday we had a great ending to our Sunday service. The daughter of friends of ours (and the pianist at our church) came forward to share with the church that she had received Christ as her Savior. We are so happy for her and for our friends. They have been talking to her for several weeks.

As I spoke with them concerning her decision, we discussed during the weekend prior whether or not she fully understood her decision or not. She assured them that she was ready!! But the reality is, that can be a real challenge for lots of parents as their children grow up. When are they ready to make that decision all on their own? We wrestled with this as the parents of our own two children. Praise be to God, both of our kids have received Christ as their Savior. But for each, it was a process of talking with them about what they understood about being sinners separated from God and what Jesus Christ has done for us. Knowing that God gave us these two children as our FIRST and most important ministry, we took this responsibility seriously! So it was a celebration when we were able to sit down ourselves and talk with each of our kids about their decisions!

The blessing for our kids and our friends’ daughter was the opportunity they had to grow up in a Christian home that openly discusses faith and God. So it wasn’t an age issue…it was an understanding issue. When they understood grace and salvation, they responded. So we might could agree in saying that we can’t worry about whether or not a physical age qualifies a child for a decision for Christ. The much more important question is what we might call their “spiritual age”. Have they been exposed to the truth of the gospel sufficiently to respond on their own to the invitation that Christ gives to all, “Come and follow me”?

Josiah Cotton, a revival preaching in the 1740s preached what he called “palpable conversion”. It basically meant that salvation comes in a moment, not in a process. So while there are many components that will prepare us for salvation, I definitely believe that it is an event that occurs in a moment. So when our kids arrive at that moment, we are able to celebrate!

I pray that our church continues to see the blessings of investing in kids’ lives on a weekly basis!