In just a few months there will be a new movie released entitled “Courageous”. It is produced by the same church that created “Fireproof” and “Facing the Giants”. Sherwood Baptist Church’s own Stephen and Alex Kendrick have gone to work once again creating a Christ-centered movie that is both challenging and entertaining.

This past Thursday Amanda and I were able to see the movie in a pastor’s screening and we were both blown away by the message and quality of the movie. We laughed and we cried and we have been talking about the movie ever since! So as we look forward to the release of the movie in just a couple of months, we are going to be promoting it within our church and encouraging folks to set aside Sept. 30th as a weekend to go and see this movie.

Opening weekend is the big determiner as to how long a movie will stay in the theaters and how much attention it will get in the news. So I am encouraging you to make opening weekend a big weekend for this movie. The gospel is CLEARLY shared in this movie and the message is one that will challenge dads to step up in their role as the spiritual leaders in the home. So while the movie is rated PG-13 because of several scenes of gang violence, there is no harsh language or improper scenes that you wouldn’t want your older children seeing.

In our church, I hope we will be able to springboard off of this movie to begin new emphases on our men’s ministry and how we can help families lead their children to Christ. It’s a great opportunity for us to use a medium that most everyone enjoys – going to the movies!