Over this past week our family has been on vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC. We had been looking forward to this vacation for a LONG time and we enjoyed every minute of it! One of the goals that I had as I enjoyed this vacation was to spend a little time reading – okay…a lot of time reading. I rarely get to pull aside and just read materials that I want to read that are not connected with a study or sermon series we are involved in at church. So once we arrived in Myrtle Beach I invested some time browsing the aisles of LifeWay. There I found a book by Michael Catt, pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church (the church that produced “Fireproof” and “Courageous”). It was a book on “The Power of Surrender” and spoke on the need of revival in our churches. It was a great read and a fitting challenge for where we are in our ministry. We desperately need to be seeking the Lord for revival. But what I also realize is that revival cannot come unless God’s servants are willing to set aside time for Him. And so with that in mind, I realized that this vacation time was more than just a retreat from work…it really was a spiritual retreat. I had time to read in that book as it reflected on God’s Word. I had time to relax and consider where I am in my own spiritual growth…and as a result I am in a better place to consider how God might be speaking to me in regards to revival within HIS church.

So as I have learned that key truth…I realize that I need to set aside times like this more often. But not in vacation (although that’s awesome). Instead, I need to plan times where I get away from the busyness and spend time with the Lord in spiritual retreats. Just as a teacher goes through re-training classes, I need to pull aside and spend time with the Lord and let Him retrain and retool me for the next challenges.

I pray that God will do a NEW work in my ministry as a result of this time set aside to recharge and refresh not only physically but also spiritually.